The Backroads of Estevan Driving Tour

25 Stops
Duration: 02:00:00
Distance: 100000

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This tour was created in cooperation with city of Estevan, SK.

Taking a backroad is a long time ‘Sunday drive’ tradition in Saskatchewan. An activity of leisure with typically no destination and no rush for timelines. On this tour of Estevan and area, enjoy the Backroads that are filled with historical sites, fantastic lookouts and local folklore. And as the song written by Rodney Atkins goes…. get lost and get right with my soul, makes me wanna take a back road.

Points of Interest

  • Prairie Sentinals
  • Locomotive Johnny
  • Estevan Collegiate Monument
  • Stone Church & Carvings
  • Estevan Courthouse
  • Soldier Tree
  • Souris River
  • Boundary Dam
  • Boundary Dam Reservoir
  • Woodend Lookout
  • Sunset Bay
  • Buffalo
  • Operational Draglines
  • Spoil Piles
  • Short Creek
  • Roche Percee Rocks
  • Taylorton Heritage Cemetery
  • Sugar Loaf
  • Taylorton
  • Bienfait
  • Bienfait Cemetery
  • Shand Power Station

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✔️ turn by turn directions + GPS map with your location

✔️ freedom to take detours and explore anywhere

✔️ professional & personable tour guides

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