Tour Introduction

Audio Transcript

Welcome to the Backroads of Estevan driving tour, well, I say tour, but it's more like an adventure! You'll discover southern Saskatchewan in a fun and unique way. If you just drive the tour without stopping, it will take you about an hour and a half. We'll point out quite a few things to see and do though, so if you want a real adventure, I highly encourage you to get out and explore. If you do, I'd allocate about half a day for the tour.

You don't need to reference your phone during the tour, the audio will automatically play and I'll be giving you turn by turn directions. You can always stop and reference the live GPS map though if your uhhh... momentarily unsure of your position.

I recommend hooking your device up to your vehicle's sound system using Bluetooth or an aux cord for the best experience.

Throughout the tour, I'll be giving you some fun trivia questions. If you want to keep score, grab a pen and paper. It's totally optional though, you can just sit back and listen as well.

Finally, and most importantly. If you’re the driver, please keep your eyes on the road. When I suggest looking at something, only do so if it's safe. If you need to check the map, pull over first or get a passenger to help!

We'll start out by heading North on Souris Avenue.

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Estevan, Saskatchewan, Canada